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About the Artist


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Kathie Camara is a professional artist who has studied with many famous artists in order to develop her own style. She holds many certifications in different mediums and is always updating her skills to better teach her students. Although she no longer paints wall murals, she takes commissions on portraits and pet portraits and teaches people to paint pets, portraits and seascapes in a series of 2-day workshops. When a painting turns out well, Kathie is elated. She knows that a piece has turned out well when someone looks at it and smiles because it has brought back to them a happy memory. 

Another of Kathie’s passions is Warm Glass.  Several layers of glass are designed, hand painted & decorated using special ground glass paint and inclusions, and fused together at very high temperatures in a glass kiln to form beautiful jewelry and Fused Glass Art.  This same glass can then be fused at a lower temperature to ‘slump’ or form it into vases, plates, coasters, candleholders and other decorative glass art.  You can now learn this Warm Glass technique at Kathie's studio.  Imagine a design of your own painted onto glass to make the fused art piece one-of-a-kind. 

Kathie encases photos of your family member, pet or a favorite automobile in glass pendants, making necklaces or key chains that are unique.  If you are mourning the loss of a special pet, she will enclose a small amount of your pet's ashes into a unique Memory Pendant or art piece so your pet will be with you always.

In addition to exhibiting & selling her paintings and glass art at Central FL Galleries and Art Venues and teaching classes and seminars at local Art Centers, she volunteers through the SPCA of Florida at the Orlando Cat Cafe and teaches people how to paint kitties.   She is a Resident Artist at Cafe TuTu Tango, an art cafe on International Drive in Orlando.  Kathie is a former Editor of The Stroking Edge, Donna Dewberry’s quarterly online magazine

Clermont, Florida (west of Orlando) is where she lives with her husband, Al, who is her greatest supporter. Together, they have four grown-up children, and five grandchildren, most living in New England.  Her two great grandaughters live in GA.

To see more of Kathie's fine art, check out her other website KathieCamara.com.

Member:  Winter Garden Art Association
Member: Instructor, Grumbacher Educational Program 
Member: T.E.A.M. Art Teachers Organization
Member: Chroma TAPP Teacher and Artist Partnering Program
DecoArt Helping Artist & Decorative Painting for Everyone Instructor

GRANTS/CERTIFICATIONS: Joyce Ortner International Seascape Certification 2014.  Weber w/oils Certification with DewberryU 2013.  Alexander Art Oil Instructor 2010-2012. Valerie Stewart Portrait Certification 2010. TEAM Certification 2008-2010, FL Dept. of State, Division of Cultural Affairs: Professional Development Grant - 2008,  Onestroke: ELITE Certified Instructor-June 2006, Decorating Masters Institute Certified Faux Finisher & Instructor-March 2003, Donna Dewberry Wall & Furniture Specialist-May 2002, One Stroke Certified Instructor-June 2000.

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Kathie Camara, Artist, Instructor
Butterfly Kisses Studio
4208 Greenwich Court
Clermont, FL 34711
(352) 241-6407